The general requirements for modern commercial buildings - shopping markets, commercial buildings or exhibition halls - are manifold: Attractive architecture, inviting entrance areas and rooms flooded with light form the basis for a sales-promoting atmosphere in freely configurable exhibition and sales areas.

Such constructive framework conditions are made possible by high spans, wide distances between supports, a hall technology integrated according to requirements, the flexible arrangement of sales shelves, generous checkout zones, supply lines in the ceiling area and individually coordinated concepts for optimum stock keeping.

Of course, it is also important in commercial construction that customers find conveniently usable parking spaces. This is a point which Depenbrock considers to be part of an all-round convincing overall solution and which is carried out in a first-class manner by the company's own civil engineering department.

You want:

  • functional commercial buildings with well thought-out sales and storage areas
  • flexibility in the presentation of goods through optimal surface concepts
  • an inviting shopping atmosphere at the Point of Sale
  • the exact implementation of your corporate design

We offer:

  • broad experience in the development or modernization of small shops and large shopping markets
  • structured planning from customer access to the checkout zone
  • parking solutions in building construction or civil engineering including multi-storey car park construction

Benefits for you:

  • A retail property that is as attractive as it is functional with tailor-made commercial space
  • Diverse possibilities of use thanks to intelligent room solutions
  • High economic efficiency in commercial construction due to innovative energy concepts