Maximum functionality and cost-effectiveness - these are requirements for modern construction that are also of great importance to educational institutions. For decades, Depenbrock has been demonstrating how both can be convincingly combined with each other, with great expertise in the planning and realisation of day-care centres and schools of all kinds, right up to colleges and universities. Depenbrock Partnering, for example, was currently responsible for the planning, turnkey construction, interim financing and building management of a community school with state-of-the-art construction standards as part of a public-private partnership (PPP). Our clients have the peace of mind of knowing that all legal requirements and school construction guidelines such as fire and noise protection, age-appropriate sanitary facilities or escape routes are incorporated into the project development down to the smallest detail. With this competence, we were also able to win Europe-wide tenders for the implementation of complex new educational facilities.

You want:

  • a future-proof educational institution 
  • rooms which provide an optimal learning environment 
  • sustainable quality in new construction or school renovation
  • cost-effective construction and facilities management to optimise life-cycle costs

We offer:

  • decades of experience in the development of nurseries, primary schools, schools, colleges and universities, including canteens and sports facilities
  • special expertise in the areas of sound insulation, positive learning atmosphere, subject-specific classrooms, laboratory equipment, sports floor construction and sanitary facilities
  • experienced experts to assist you with planning, implementation and running 
  • cost-efficient public-private partnerships (PPP) for the early exploitation of the optimisation potential

Benefits for you:

  • A needs-based educational institution fit for the future 
  • budget certainty for the entire life cycle 
  • Relief in all questions of building including the examination of possible subsidies