The planning and realisation of attractive sports facilities with high functionality - for example swimming pools, sports fields or golf courses - is another distinct Depenbrock special competence. The aim is to create optimal training and competition conditions for both sports enthusiasts and competitive athletes. As different as the requirements of the respective sport may be, the Sports Facilities Construction Competence Center develops innovative, tailor-made solutions that always enable extremely efficient management. Even the selection of the respective floor in sports hall construction is an important aspect of the planning phase. Access options, changing rooms, sanitary areas, lighting, air conditioning, impact protection, the integration of special sports equipment - all these are conceptual factors that are perfectly coordinated in advance.

You want:

  • a solid, long-lasting facility for top performance
  • use-specific and innovative solutions in swimming pool construction, sports field construction and indoor pool construction
  • a holistic concept that ensures the economic operation of your construction project - regardless of whether you want to build an indoor swimming pool, a sports field, a golf course or a sports centre

We offer:

  • broad experience in the planning and construction of swimming pools suitable for competitions, differentiated sports centres, sports fields with various focal points and golf courses
  • innovative solutions and individual concepts that are as economical as they are future-oriented
  • ein sportlich begeistertes Expertenteam, das mit Know-how und Engagement perfekte Lösungen erarbeitet

Benefits for you:

  • Maximum utility value thanks to individual concepts
  • High economic efficiency, e.g. through energy-efficient solutions
  • Excellent results for operators and users